Webinars - Quarterly overview

Webinar Q1-2024: Material assignment: Warning note for write-protected models; Modification 2.0: Filtering by tag settings, Input via term list; Applying standard modifications
Webinar Q4-2023: Modifications 2.0: Automated error checking at the "Saving" process, Converting modification models to current SOLIDWORKS version; New, Automatic mates
Webinar Q3-2023: PASCAM Bea: CNC simulation; Automatically create drawings / Generate PDF for purchased parts; Feasibility report for CNC machining network
Webinar Q2-2023: VariableManager: Term list editing; PASCAM Manager: Filtering automatic joints; PASCAM Model Database: Replace Components with database models; PASCAM Bea: Efficient switching between Bea machining features
Webinar Q1-2023: VariableManager: Reference Dimensions with configured names, Restore inheritance, Material dialog: General improvements, improved performance
Webinar Q4-2022: VariableManager: Reference Dimension generation simple, Reference Dimension generation, Updating the Variables list at the auxiliary dimension window
Webinar Q3-2022: Database update: Improved update process of the database and hardware component models; Model database: Additional icons for hardware component models; Model database: Extended view of storage information; Hardware components: Additional security prompt of the timestamp
Webinar Q2-2022: Hardware components: Simplified transfer of file properties from the active Hardware component model; Added search box for Hardware components; Improved timestamp for hardware component modifications; Improved expert view for modifications; Modification 2.0: Manual conversion process; Added icons for Hardware components/Quick Joints
Webinar Q1-2022: Assign material: Scale appearance of carrier material; PASCAM Options: Automatic database update; Modification 2.0: Enhanced conversion options; Quick Joints (Modification 2.0): Intelligent Feature name recognition; Quick Joints (Modification 2.0): File properties at equations
Webinar Q3-2021: Additional Hardware component specifications: 'Must trigger', 'Collision area' and 'Must be area'; Hardware component: Modification performance; Quick Joints: Modification 2 benchmarking
Webinar Q2-2021: Quick Joints: User dialog extension and Help files; Hardware component center: Abort option, new status bar layout, new result report icons and quicker updating process
Webinar Q1-2021: VariableManager: Thresholds values for the inheritance process; ConditionManager: Easier identification of incorrect conditions, improved status bar; Automatic Hardware components: Enhanced specifications for target elements
Webinar Q4-2020: PASCAM Manager: Extended display of file informations; VariableManager: Protection of inherited equations against changes, consistency check for broken inheritances and inconsistent equations; Automatic hardware component: Predefining nnchangeable models for the modification process
Webinar Q3-2020: VariableManager: Combining multiple search boxes, better visualization of incorrect equations; Replace and Move sub-assemblies maintains existing model parametrics; PASCAM Manager: Can replace sub-assemblies, improved visualization; Improved control when switching documents
Webinar Q2-2020: Table heights preset option at the Material dialog; Automatic display update of the open model at the Material dialog; Enhanced appearance of material decals; Threshold factor for delayed material thickness calculation; Numerous functional enhancements at the PASCAM Manager
Webinar Q1-2020: PASCAM Manager: Enhanced manual editing options; VariableManager: Filter for Modification names, Improved performance when switching documents