You can find the latest patches and brochures of each individual software solution Please at the respective PASCAM product pages.

Software patches are available for customers with a valid subscription contract. The subscription service also includes regular webinars and newsletters via e-mail about new features, performance enhancements and other improvements.

In case you need instant online web support from PASCAM, just download the TeamViewer QuickSupport program that allows you to register your computer as a participant in a support session. It is a simple and small customer module, which runs immediately by double-clicking, without installation and does not require administrative rights.

Just click the Teamviewer button below, to download the necessary QuickSupport program:

PASCAM Remote Support PASCAM Remote Support

Get in contact with the PASCAM support team via in case you need assistance. They will get back to you, as soon as possible, during regular German office hours.


If interested you can view some PASCAM demo videos, on the PASCAM Youtube channel.

  • Please note the explanatory remarks on the individual videos on our Youtube channel.
  • Kindly note that the videos show the main PASCAM features and design process, yet the PASCAM user interface got a major overhaul in the last months. There will be more demo videos available in the foreseeable future, which will also show newly added features under the current SOLIDWORKS user interface.

You can get an insight on how to work with PASCAM software solutions in SOLIDWORKS® on a larger sized demo video that is available as a zipped file on our server:

The file size is about 215 MB.
Please right-click the film-strip button above. Select "Save As" from the context menu and save the Zip file on your computer, then unzip and run the AVI file using a media player of your choice.

The video showcases the fully parametric design and assembling process of a cash desk counter in PASCAM WoodWorks up to the CAM data generation of the individual parts with PASCAM Bea and has a audio comment from our Canadian sales and support partner Barry Feltham.

If you want to be informed about updates and new patches, please order our PASCAM-Newsletter.