Product information brochure PASCAM Handicraft-Edition, 2 pages (ca. 715 KB)


         PASCAM WoodWorks V3 SP42 (31-Mar-2024, ca. 33 MB)

        See the current release information.

Please follow the installation instructions.

This version requires at least SOLIDWORKS® 2017 SP0 or newer. This PASCAM software solution is no longer supported on older SOLIDWORKS® versions.

General installation procedure: download exe-file and start installation by double-clicking the downloaded file. Keep the default settings and confirm the user query dialog boxes during the installation routine. Pay attention to the final confirmation of the installation results.
The downloaded installation file is an executable file and has been scanned for viruses.
If you have any questions, please turn to support@pascam.de.

If you want to be currently informed about updates and new patches, please order our PASCAM-Newsletter.

In case you need instant online web support for your PASCAM Handicraft installation, just download the TeamViewer QuickSupport program that allows you to register your computer as a participant in a support session. It is a simple and small customer module, which runs immediately by double-clicking, without installation and does not require administrative rights.

Just click the Teamviewer button below, to download the necessary QuickSupport program: