Machining groups

A drill hole basically represents a circular geometry that is carried out on the machine by means of a movement in the Z-axis. Drilling operations can be executed in all main planes, as well as freely in space. PASCAM Bea also provides efficient processing of drilling patterns.
Special operations are also available for machining - in addition to the available standard operations such as contour milling, circular, rectangular and free-form pockets. These special operations can be carried out in all main planes, as well as freely in space.
Operations like sawing and machining a groove are also implemented natively in PASCAM Bea with all relevant parameters. These operations can be executed in all main planes - except from the bottom up - as well as freely in space.
CNC edge banding with all its special features is also natively implemented in PASCAM Bea. This includes all related machining operations as well as the management of the corresponding tools.
Due to the open structure of PASCAM Bea, users can design their models to their liking free in space and have it set up accordingly on the CNC machine using detailed setup specifications. Even multiple reclamping, whether with releasing the vacuum suction or without, whether with a new CNC name or in a continuous process - all this is possible with PASCAM Bea!
In continuous manufacturing lines, the cabinet components are usually directly pressed together, e.g. in carcase presses. PASCAM Bea supports the generation of all necessary data for those pressing operations e.g. by specifying blocked areas on the components or the definition of subsequent processing steps such as the tacking of back panels or placing additional hardware components.
Modern CNC machines do not only carry out machining operations at the workpiece, but also allow the mounting of other components. E.g. there are machines who immediately drive dowels into previously drilled holes, or automatically mount cup hinges. This assembling operation is also available natively in PASCAM Bea as an individual machining feature.
For a better overview and control, the number of machining operations in a model can be pooled together and structured either manually or automatically by PASCAM Bea. These structuring tools can also be used to optimize the final CNC programs.
In addition, PASCAM Bea contains other open interfaces to allow users to define their very own machine-specific extensions for special machining operations and to link them associatively with the model geometry - a unique CAM system that meets the highest demand!