Clear presentation in the CNC program

The semantic block formation, which provides improved clarity in the PASCAM Bea machining feature tree, can be transferred to the CNC program in order to combine similar machining operations to groups thus improving clarity in the machining feature tree as well.
If individual machining features have to be broken down in the CNC program into several machining operations, these are automatically formed into a machining block for a clear presentation. This is particularly useful for machining operations such as multiple infeeds or drilling groups.
Certain parameters have to be defined for the parametric CNC output. As far as the machine does support it, descriptive parameter names are used, which can either be specified individually for each parameter in each machining feature, or are generated automatically according to name specifications of the user.
PASCAM Bea does not only work with parametric CNC parameters, but also with parametric model geometry. Geometries can be dependent on the workpiece dimension by default, or manually set to parametric based on references per machining feature.
Generally, in typical default cases, a fully parametric CNC program can be put out, allowing flexible manufacturing of different product model variants directly on the CNC machine.