Data quality

The comprehensive application of high quality data is a fundamental principle of PASCAM Bea. This was the reason for us to use a compact and neutral CNC data format with the option to generate high-quality data to enable comprehensive, subsequent data preparation - beyond the runtime of SOLIDWORKS processes.
The geometrical SOLIDWORKS model, which is based on parametric data, serves as a basis for PASCAM Bea. Thus, our CAM system provides its users the capability to carry through this powerful parameterization right into the final CNC program in order to be able to design and edit product models very flexibly even at short notice just before the manufacturing.
Another advantage of the use of high data quality can be seen in the automatically generated CNC programs, which are structured in a way that is easy for users to understand due to the comprehensive and transparent documenting technique of the individual CNC process steps.
If the data is clearly structured, as in PASCAM Bea, it is easy to generate an equally well-structured CNC program at the push of a button. That is quality of high beneficial value!