Documentation in the CNC program

On demand a tool plan can be put out in the CNC program, in order to easily verify the tool configuration on the machine.
Each machining operation can be individually provided with an additional description of the machining operation in text form. Of course, text-based information such as the names of the machining operations are automatically acquired from the existing machining features.
There is a machining feature available which serves to add free text comments to the CNC program. This comments can be simply displayed in the code of the program or, as an option, additionally in the technical drawing of the model part, in order to provide the operator at the CNC machine with crucial additional information e.g. about specific machining requirements of the part.
Machining operations that logically belong together can be automatically pooled in PASCAM Bea into clearly arranged machining blocks. These can in turn contain higher-level control data that affect the individual machining operations they contain.