High-quality neutral format

Due to the fact that the neutral format contains a vast amount of high-quality data, it is saved in a compressed format. In order to still be able to verify the content, a free dataviewer is provided to users.
All post-processors can be operated either directly in SOLIDWORKS or on the basis of the neutral format as stand-alone programs. This guarantees that they can be used in a very flexible and yet always safe manner.
The high quality of the neutral format is based on the high degree of integration of the geometrical data. This enables the postprocessors to still make independent decisions based on the model geometry and thus create the optimal CNC program for each machine.
As a complement, the neutral format also contains all the meta-information of the SOLIDWORKS model that is relevant for postprocessor decisions. Thus, e.g. postprocessors can make machine-specific decisions based on text-only information.
Since almost all data is available in the neutral format that is also processed in direct SOLIDWORKS processing, the PASCAM Bea expansion cards receive an optimal data feed to facilitate their optimized machine-specific decisions.
Since PASCAM Bea is not only able to generate high quality parametric CNC programs where the user can control in detail which machining is to be generated with which parameter as required, it is only consequent that this is also possible via neutral format.