In order to keep the training effort for our CAM system low, PASCAM Bea is seamlessly integrated into the familiar SOLIDWORKS user interface and its overall user guidance. Thus, all necessary parameters for the various machining features are entered in an integrated user dialog at the SOLIDWORKS FeatureManager.
As usual with conventional CAM systems, it is possible in PASCAM Bea to easily associate the model geometry with the corresponding manufacturing technology. But in addition to that, PASCAM Bea provides the option of parametric relations to the model, in order to enable users to react efficiently to model changes in terms of manufacturing technology, even at short notice. The decisive factor is that in most cases no special CNC geometry has to be created for this purpose.
All data for CNC programming is stored directly in the SOLIDWORKS model and is stored physically on the hard disk in a file. This reliably ensures consistency between the geometry of the CAD model and the applied technology of the CAM model and makes it much easier to manage the data in the file explorer or an PDM system, as well as when versioning the individual developmental stages of the product model.