Expansion card technology

PASCAM Bea is a standard software that works as an open CAM platform and allows users to add customer-specific extensions. The innovative virtual expansion card technology provides an powerful user interface for those software extensions. With the Bea expansion cards, users can quickly and easily add new functions to their postprocessors without having to wait for the release of an updated software release by PASCAM.
With Bea expansion cards it is possible to change, create or even remove existing machining features in PASCAM Bea or to convert them into alternative machining features. And this can be done individually for each installed postprocessor.
Sometimes it is necessary to prepare the existing geometry in a specific way for certain CNC machines. Bea expansion cards fulfil this purpose as well. Users have access to all tool paths and can change, delete and add to them. If desired, you can also add a completely new geometry.
All expansion cards are realized in .NET, one of the most modern software platforms, and are thus automatically available for further processing in a variety of different programming languages, such as VB.NET or C#. This facilitates, among other things, the easy and powerful integration of external companies in the generation process and editing of your CNC programs.