Automatic detection of model changes

FastGate receives its information directly from PASCAM WoodWorks, the woodworking 3D CAD system for manufacturing-ready modeling. Thus all relevant data is transferred safely in a compressed, associative way.
Since a variety of product model elements can be subject to daily changes or adjustments, e.g. the type of hardware components used in the assembly. Those model changes are detected automatically by FastGate and processed accordingly through automated cleanup operations in the actual product model.
FastGate supports the daily optimization of your product quality and improving the performance of your manufacturing processes. FastGate detects all relevant changes to machining operations and overall manufacturing processes and saves them in the specified product models for direct execution in manufacturing.
If fundamental changes have been made to the underlying basic models, this is also automatically detected by FastGate. The subsequent automatic interaction, e.g. with connected PDM systems, guarantees a seamless, direct execution of the changes to the specified product models in the subsequent processes - without additional, manual user intervention!