PASCAM FastGate is designed to automatically detect identical models and optimize their handling in the PASCAM con@3D WB automation process. Thus FastGate enables overall performance gains by a factor of 1000 and more!
PASCAM FastGate offers comprehensive, practice-oriented customization options to optimize customer-specific processes to ensure optimal workflows in your company.
PASCAM FastGate automatically detects all relevant changes to the processed process data and reacts accordingly. This provides the necessary process security in an efficient way to ensure permanent use in 24/7/365 operation.
PASCAM FastGate performs its service reliable and completely maintenance-free in the background and enhances the performance of your operational processes by 20-40 percent.
PASCAM FastGate is obviously seamlessly integrated into the related PASCAM products, such as PASCAM WoodWorks and PASCAM con@3D WB. Thus, efficient and comprehensive automation processes can be optimally tailored to all users needs within this ecosystem of woodworking CAD/CAM software.
All relevant data of the processed automation processes are available to the users in a completely transparent way and thus enable subsequent analytics and evaluations of specific process flows in the user company.