Cross-part analysis tools

In the model-driven design process, many crucial issues become apparent just in the final stages of the design process of the production model; for example, the optimum types of joints can only be determined in this context.
PASCAM WoodWorks provides powerful tools to design manufacturing ready product models under these circumstances. Of course highly automated!
It's not always possible to derive all necessary machining operations directly from the existing design data. For this purpose, additional machining steps can be specified manually in the product description of the model.
Solid wood is an inhomogeneous material with unique characteristics. In order to still be able to produce furniture with a high quality standard, indispensable tolerances must be taken into account and compensated for during the manufacturing process. PASCAM software products will do this automatically.
Many woodworking companies do not not manufacture just single parts, but complete furniture assemblies. Comprehensive CNC programs for complete cabinet body assemblies can be automatically generated by the powerful model assembly analysis of PASCAM Bea.
The individual stages of the design process of any product model is logged in a detailed product documentation to determine in retrospect how a product was created. This is done automatically in a very transparent way, according to the required specifications.