Arbitrary variance

The first impression of a piece of furniture is determined by its overall shape and therefore its geometry. Controlling the model geometry in terms of dimensions and specific characteristics is the crucial task of the VariableManager in PASCAM WoodWorks.
The ConditionManager of PASCAM WoodWorks controls the variants of a model with regard to its structure, such as doors doors, drawers, split front panels, etc.
The application of different materials does not only refine the look of a piece of furniture. The material data at the distinctive product model is not only used to create a photorealistic representation of the outer appearance but also to provide a basis for the machine park to derive the correct process technology for manufacturing.
Sometimes the details are quite decisive as well: Should a model edge be designed as a rounded edge or as a chamfer? Such differences in shape can be the final deciding factor yet they can be easily controlled via the PASCAM set of rules.
Users can determine additional features to the equipment variant of a product model in many ways - PASCAM does not put a limit on this and is offering a free choice.