Information for manufacturing

Companies face all kinds of challenges when moving to customized manufacturing processes. This is mainly because single lot production becomes batch production, where really every single part can be different and the manufacturing line can no longer cope with traditional work techniques. This is exactly where PASCAM comes in to simplify this process with its products WoodBatch and PASCAM Bea.
Because every piece of furniture can now have a different design, it is difficult for the manufacturing department to optimize its process flows. Therefore, PASCAM relies on the model; generates the virtual furniture in advance and thus provides a high-quality database for manufacturing. The included 3D visualization is only one aspect.
With such high-quality 3D models, it is now possible to automatically prepare exactly the required analog or digital manufacturing documents in the way the worker needs in order to carry out his tasks safely and reliably.
This enables the preparation of specific documents, data and images - in analog or digital form - for each workstation, showing the virtual furniture exactly as it is currently specified. This ensures fewer queries and waiting times in the design and manufacturing process! 
Since the virtual 3D model does not only contain geometrical data, but any kind of manufacturing information, PASCAM Bea can always determine whether a connected production line or machine is actually able to manufacture the product as it is designed. This ensures comprehensive process reliability for the user company by being able to seek alternative solutions at an early stage or make appropriate changes to the product that will allow a more efficient manufacturing process.