Smart components

We provide smart components, i.e. components enriched with knowledge, to safely derive automatic operations at subsequent steps in the design process. An important piece of knowledge are geometrical variants of the model. These variants do not only include dimensions, but also design control elements for structural and/or behavioral modifications to the original product model.
In order to be able to easily handle simple variants within a model, it is necessary to be able to vary the model structure. This way, generally valid components can smartly adapt to specific requirements without any additional user intervention.
Although a component represents only a partial aspect of the whole thing, it can make itself accessible to the knowledge of the complete model and adapt its behavior accordingly. Higher-level software modules can additionally pass this knowledge on to the component and thus enrich it with additional, new intelligence.
The goal of PASCAM is always manufacturing-ready modeling. Every model that is designed must also be manufacturable. For this purpose, all necessary manufacturing information is derived from the SOLIDWORKS 3D model. Each smart component has the ability to provide procedural and structural information for manufacturing. On this basis PASCAM Bea will then compile comprehensive and meaningful machine data.
The decisive factor for manufacturing is not only that the correct machining data is provided, but that it is optimally tailored to both the machine and the product model. To this end, a trade-off is always made between transferring manufacturing knowledge either to the machine or to the CAM system. The basis of this evaluation is the specific requirements of the user - after all, proven manufacturing procedures should be preserved!