Virtual furniture

Show your customers their desired products before they even have been manufactured! With PASCAM con@3D WB this is reality right now, because the already existing 3D model is used as a data basis, which corresponds to your virtual furniture and can be adjusted exactly to the customer's wishes.
With the help of the virtual furniture and its underlying powerful 3D model, you can study the feasibility of your design ideas in advance and the exact way to manufacture it at the existing production capabilities. Without any time-consuming prototyping or costly pre production models and pilot series at the production line.
The high-quality data model of the virtual furniture enables the review of many different design criteria to ensure reliable manufacturing processes. Besides, the PASCAM software products can derive numerous other automated processes on this basis.
The virtual furniture is not only visually appealing, but also offers secure design data to provide various other processes with accurate data. Thus, many companies already use the virtual furniture in the offer phase in order to be able to start smooth manufacturing later on the basis of the field-proven design data.