Installation options

PASCAM con@3D can be installed differently, depending on the main purpose of the application. The con@3D-Client can be integrated at a local computer, directly in SOLIDWORKS® or at any workstation in the corporate network (Remote service). Furthermore there is the option to operate the con@3D-Client as a web service application in any Internet browser. In addition to the variety of installation configurations the user interface of the con@3D-Client can be adapted easily to the requirements of the user company, e.g. to integrate the individual corporate design in the GUI of PASCAM con@3D.

When applying a 'WEB installation' the product configurator PASCAM con@3D and the CAD system SOLIDWORKS® are installed in a web infrastructure, consisting of a web server and a CAD server. The usual user (end/retail consumer) will only need a web browser for the product configuration / 3D visualization of the CAD model assemblies. The users neither have to possess a SOLIDWORKS® CAD licence "of their own" nor a license of the PASCAM product configurator PASCAM con@3D. Based on this installation configuration it is ensured that neither exported SOLIDWORKS® model data, nor any technological know-how of the underlying SOLIDWORKS® model are revealed via the web application.

When using a 'remote installation' PASCAM con@3D and SOLIDWORKS® are installed at different computers. Users of such a configuration are usually staff of the sales department, who do not "possess" a individual SOLIDWORKS® license. The 'remote installation' will enable this user group to independently generate specified, customized SOLIDWORKS® product models, based on the shared master configuration files, in a safe and efficient manner. Neither of these users have to be trained or qualified to work with SOLIDWORKS® models nor do additional SOLIDWORKS® licence fees incur for the application, because they don't have direct access to the underlying, native SOLIDWORKS® models of the corresponding PASCAM con@3D master configuration files.

When applying a 'local installation' PASCAM con@3D and SOLIDWORKS® are installed at the same computer. Users of such a configuration are usually design and project engineers and their main task is to define the PASCAM con@3D master configuration files. These users both have to have licences for SOLIDWORKS® and PASCAM con@3D.

The HTML front-end webservice, provided by PASCAM con@3D as an B2B/B2C software solution can be configured optionally either as an online product configuration or an online interior design/-planning tool in 2D/ 3D views.

This solution is offering new and undreamt-of possibilities for users in the woodworking sector, sharing manufacturing-oriented SOLIDWORKS® 3D model data with end customers, retailers and suppliers over the Internet, to process orders with fully continuos model data flow right up to the CNC machines.

The automation and acceleration in the offering phase, as well as the customized and outsourced design process and the fast order handling up to the unattended CNC manufacturing is the main focus of the interactive PASCAM B2C product configurator PASCAM con@3D.