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The main task of PASCAM consists in developing intuitively and easy to use, solution orientated, software, with high functionality, which can be integrated very easily into an existing company-specific environment. Our goal is to increase efficiency of all CAD and CAM operations in your company and pave the way for a fully integrated CAx-system based on SOLIDWORKS®.

All PASCAM software products are either completely integrated into the SOLIDWORKS® user interface or are capable to process data and files directly from this leading 3D-CAD system.

PASCAM is characterized by a lean organizational structure with a flat hierarchy. This enables low coordination efforts and rapid reaction time, a single point of contact for user support and services ensures quick solutions and is a basis for the high level of internal performance at PASCAM.

The main target of PASCAM is to support the woodworking industry profoundly with innovative solutions for their specific design methods, in order to use the powerful 3D CAD system SOLIDWORKS® with maximum efficiency in this sector. PASCAM software is ideal for companies with a high amount of customized or individual woodworking products, i.e. at interior design, cabinet making or shop fitting - economically applicable regardless of the size of the company. PASCAM is offering software solutions for design, engineering, configuration, manufacturing, sales, product presentation and marketing of woodworking products.

PASCAM software is developed based on the specific design and manufacturing requirements of the woodworking industry and offers in combination with SOLIDWORKS® the most productive and efficient woodworking 3D CAD/CAM software solution on the market. Compared to the use of a stand-alone SOLIDWORKS® installation and the additional use of PASCAM WoodWorks we could prove a higher level of automation by a factor of 2; resulting in time savings of around 50%.
We could also improve significantly the overall CAD/CAM performance at the user companies at the following existential items with PASCAM software:

  • a quick and sustainable increase in productivity,

  • sustainable error reduction in design and engineering,

  • sustainable reduction of expenses in CAD design and CAM programming,

  • a reduced time-to-market from the product-idea to bringing the woodworking product onto the market.

The general user experience with the conventionally used 2D CAD solutions in the woodworking sector is the lack of sustainable increase in productivity and higher error costs, despite the initial low costs of licence fees. In contrast PASCAM Woodworks and the other products of the PASCAM software family ensures a bigger increase in efficiency and productivity, due to the high degree of automation, while possible errors in design, engineering and CAM programming are reduced as well as the time-to-market from the initial product concept to the final introduction on the market.

The investment in the technology leader will pay itself off in very short time, by reducing the overall CAD/CAM system expenses and cost structure sustainably at the design as well as at the manufacturing level. In step with its basic CAD system SOLIDWORKS®, PASCAM will continuously improve the combined scope of services and permanently develop product novelties, which will add to the smart PASCAM software solutions, which will guarantee that the needs and requirements of the woodworking users will be fulfilled successfully in the future.

Productive use from the first day on and steadily increasing efficiency of the software packages of PASCAM in every users company is our first concern. more