PASCAM - the company

The company name PASCAM is derived from the terms:
PArametrical Software for CAD/CAM solutions.

PASCAM GmbH is a young, innovative company which is developing software solutions to design, engineer and manufacture product models in the woodworking sector, based on the leading 3D CAD system SOLIDWORKS®. PASCAM was founded in the year 2000 and was awarded with the SOLIDWORKS® Solution Partner Status in 2004 for our product PASCAM WoodWorks. We are aiming for SOLIDWORKS® Certified Gold Product Status in the coming months for both of our main products PASCAM WoodWorks and PASCAM Bea, for the latter we also want to achieve the accolades as a Certified CAM Product.

Since the company founder of PASCAM, Ralph Müller, has grown up in a family-owned joiner and cabinetmaker's workshop, he speaks the genuine language of woodworkers and wood technicians; he knows the requirements and needs of the trade and has also a strong relationship to the special materials and the skilled craftsmanship quality, without neglecting the economically most efficient way of wood processing - just like our customers do. Already during his graduate studies Ralph Müller was occupied mainly with new concepts for CAD systems in woodworking. Subsequently he gained experience as a software developer at Homag AG, the market leading CNC woodworking machine manufacturer; learning the nuts and bolts controlling complex, state-of-the-art CNC machines and their efficient CAD/CAM coupling.

Fascinated by the capability and productive capacity of modern 3D-CAD feature modeling software, successfully in use for a long time in other industrial sectors, Ralph Müller was searching for a sector-specific adaptation of such a software solution for the woodworking trade, to provide the industry and the woodworker alike with the same facilities of this technologically leading, cutting-edge construction solution, wiping away the existing technologically outdated software solutions in woodworking. Finally Ralph Müller started his own business and founded the company PASCAM to bring together the knowledge of conventional wood processing, sophisticated 3-D CAD software and the control of powerful CNC machines in an innovative and highly efficient way.

The main objective of PASCAM consists in developing intuitively and easy to use, solution orientated, software, with high functionality, which can be integrated simply into an existing company specific environment. Our goal is to support the woodworking trade completely in its specific way of construction and to enable this sector to use the world-leading 3D CAD SOLIDWORKS® efficiently.

PASCAM is concentrating exclusively and in strong conviction on the promising feature technologie in CAD engineering. PASCAM is able to develop innovative, efficient products in conformity with the market and is able to offer efficient services for its customers due to the close and trustful collaboration with SOLIDWORKS®. PASCAM is providing its customers with the successful adaptation of this world leading 3D-CAD feature modeling software to their specific needs and requirements in woodworking, as well as with consistent implementations of the proverbial "run-the-best"-approach in future enhancements and developments.

The result are products which have been developed with the unique expertise of the company founder regarding efficient woodworking CAD design and CAM manufacturing, in close cooperation with woodworking companies of all sizes with various product ranges. PASCAM software solutions have proven their outstanding efficiency in the practice.