Optimization methods

PASCAM Bea can automatically create an optimized setup program for model parts who require multiple clamping operations, so that the machining plane will be usually defined from the top of the workpiece.
Tool changes often generate high costs in terms of time on the CNC machine and therefore should be avoided if possible. PASCAM Bea can minimize the number of tool changes if the machining sequence is allowed to be changed. Further optimization is also possible through intelligent selection of the tools used.
Empty travels of the tool unit cost time and therefore money. Therefore PASCAM Bea offers the option to automatically change and optimize the machining sequence - if this is allowed by the user - in order to minimize unnecessary travel paths and thus optimize the general movement of the tool unit in a time-efficient way.
The innovative expansion card technology in PASCAM Bea provides the user with almost limitless possibilities for user-defined optimization of the desired routing strategies.
PASCAM Bea also uses drilling optimization for the output in the WOP format to achieve geometric simplification, resulting in fewer machining macros in the CNC program.
All optimizations can be reviewed by the user immediately or after the fact, and can be manually changed if necessary. This full control approach increases transparency, enhances flexibility at the application process and at the same time reassures the operator at the CNC machine about the use of best practices.