Product information

PASCAM WoodBatch is an Add-On to the 3D-CAD-System SOLIDWORKS® and the software package PASCAM WoodWorks and PASCAM Bea for automatic data preparation by means of a control file in the XML format.

PASCAM WoodBatch serves for data conversion and preparation in batch mode, using the standardised and describing XML format. This is also an ideal solution for the generation of CNC data in quasi-real time, directly at the CNC machine.
PASCAM WoodBatch is integrated completely in SOLIDWORKS® and has a direct connection to PASCAM WoodWorks and PASCAM Bea. For feedback purposes report files on XML basis are available. Many basic adjustments are directly controllable over the control file, like model generation, etc.

Another tool that can be used in a comprehensive manufacturing process with PASCAM WoodBatch, is the "Quick switch". It enables quick and safe execution of short-term design changes on your manufacturing-ready models at the SOLIDWORKS®-level.

Your advantages:

  • Fully automatic generation of manufacturing models, based on existing 3rd party ERP systems (i.e.SAP)

  • Enables quick and safe changing of dimensions, properties, modifications/processings (incl. dimensionsinal changes), as well as mates at the manufacturing models.

  • Automatic generation of CNC data and saving of the generated models in user databases

  • High investment safety by the application of standardised, efficient XML files