The "Quick switch" enables quick and safe execution of short-term design changes on your manufacturing-ready models at SOLIDWORKS®-level. It recognizes on the basis of feature descriptions - which are provided by your ERP system - whether e.g. a cabinet body has been previously designed and manufactured. If so, it will retrieve these practically approved model data and re-use it as a proven model template from the PDM archive of the user (e.g. from an Enterprise PDM database).

The "Quick switch" at the overall manufacturing process:

An example: If a design change occurs, due to a short-term customer request (e.g.: request for an alternative handle), the Quick switch recognizes automatically, if certain manufacturing steps have changed as well. If so, appropriate, proven machining data is automatically retrieved from your PDM database and applied at the generation of a new manufacturing model in SOLIDWORKS®. Since the SOLIDWORKS® model for the manufacturing is completely re-generated at this process, all the usual SOLIDWORKS® export and output options (2D drawings, CNC data, PDF files, eDrawings) are all up to date and fully available for this special manufacturing model.

Your advantages:

  • The Quick switch can automatically save variants/standard designs of manufacturing models in user databases.

  • The Quick switch is always up to date on your design processes, due to the constant access to all manufacturing models in the user databases.

  • The Quick switch automatically detects whether processing steps have been changed at the design process.

  • The Quick switch can be optionally controlled or bypassed by your ERP system.

  • The Quick switch is easy to configure by the user.