Manufacturing to specifications

Manufacturing to specifications or custom-made manufacturing in an economical way is a challenge for any company. Often, customized products are fed out of the regular manufacturing process and made purely by manual labour. With PASCAM this does not have to be the case!
In very many cases, custom-made products are based on existing standard design models - "A regular cabinet body remains a cabinet body". PASCAM con@3D WB will derive very quickly and reliably a customized, manufacturing-ready model from an existing standard model design.
Despite all the variance that occurs in the customized model, there are characteristics that have already been manufactured once before. By means of PASCAM FastGate such recurring characteristics are automatically detected and handled efficiently - completely without any user intervention! This saves computing time and costs!
Especially in custom-made manufacturing it is necessary to have full access to the design of the models. Since PASCAM always works on the basis of the concrete product model design, users can intervene directly at the design level, if necessary.
Also, a new product idea is often based on existing, field-proven models. With PASCAM WoodWorks you can design these model components so intelligently that automation can do the rest for you.
But if you want to create something completely new - here you go! The functionality of SOLIDWORKS' powerful feature modeler is fully at your disposal to let your design ideas run free! Convert your customers' wishes into manufacturing-ready product models!
Of course, a freely created design, does not provide all necessary manufacturing data fully automatically right away. But because PASCAM Bea is directly integrated into the CAD system, not only the new geometric elements but also the required CNC machining operations can be easily added to the model design. The resulting model is thus manufacturing-ready and ensures a reliable production process.