Our product configurator PASCAM con@3D (configuration at 3D) is developed as a web based, visual order entry solution, based on the 3D CAD system SOLIDWORKS®.

The HTML front-end webservice, provided by PASCAM con@3D as an B2B/B2C software solution can be configured optionally either as an online product configuration or an online interior design/-planning tool in 2D/ 3D views.

This solution is offering new and undreamt-of possibilities for users in the woodworking sector, sharing manufacturing-oriented SOLIDWORKS® 3D model data with end customers, retailers and suppliers over the Internet, to process orders with fully continuos model data flow right up to the CNC machines.

The automation and acceleration in the offering phase, as well as the customized and outsourced design process and the fast order handling up to the unattended CNC manufacturing is the main focus of the interactive PASCAM B2C product configurator PASCAM con@3D.