Economic efficiency

PASCAM con@3D combines the knowledge of your expert designers about your product models and makes it available to a large number of your sales staff in a safe and efficient way. As a result complex processes between your retail customers, distribution (internal and external teams), as well as your design and development departments will be accelerated and simplified. PASCAM con@3D offers your company a fully integrated but yet low-cost entry into the dynamic and flexible field of eBusiness and the lean and economic "manufacturing according to customer request". Inventory costs, costs on returns and excess stocks at the conventional production methods will be drastically reduced.

PASCAM con@3D as an integrated engineering system enables your company to generate configurations and customized product variants based on existing SOLIDWORKS® models. Making PASCAM con@3D an ideal tool for your sales staff, accessing a single licensed SOLIDWORKS® installation from countless remote work seats, via an Internet/Intranet based online connection.

Editing and modifying the existing SOLIDWORKS® models itself can be done without any SOLIDWORKS® qualification. To prepare the underlying master configuration files for the user configuration the integrated PASCAM software solutions PASCAM WoodWorks or VariXPASCAM provide the experienced SOLIDWORKS® designer powerful tools for the application of expert design knowledge, modification rules, user permission, etc. Additional interfaces for the exchange of data with external systems (e.g. accounting programs, office applications, etc.) are standardized and can be implemented individually. By connecting PASCAM Bea to PASCAM con@3D the maximum configuration level of the PASCAM con@3D engineering system is accomplished, enabling the retail consumer or sales staff to send the customized SOLIDWORKS® models from the internet browser right to the CNC machine, without further additional editing or manual CAM processing by a skilled CAM operator.

PASCAM con@3D as a flexible eBusiness platform:

  • Processing of native 3D SOLIDWORKS® models without a SOLIDWORKS® user qualification and additional work seat licenses

  • Flexible use: Online at the Internet/Intranet and offline on a Laptop (e.g. sales staff)

  • Easily customizable user screens (GUI) to Corporate Design of user company

  • Easy program and database updates without programming skills

  • Customizable range of product models easily accessible for customers

  • Reduces the costs when analysing the feasibility of a customized product at the order entry

  • Helps to prevent erroneous, non-conforming orders (when manufacturability and sales restrictions are stored at the master configuration files)

Simple software maintenance of PASCAM con@3D:

  • Design of the user screen (GUI) and the content pages are separated to maintain the application elements independently

  • Create master configuration files from currently existing SOLIDWORKS® models at the push of a button

  • Easy software maintenance without programming knowledge

  • Product managers can maintain their own product model data autonomously

  • No special IT know-how needed for users

  • Distributed maintenance at different company locations via the Internet