Interior planning

PASCAM con@3D SmartClient serves as an easy to use, powerful and safe visual order entry solution, a interior planning tool and a furnishing configurator for various interior settings, such as kitchens, bathrooms, but also for motorhomes, campervans and yachts.

The PASCAM con@3D SmartClient can be basically used as a powerful marketing and sales tool. The advanced form of application serves to generate user-defined bills of material and manufacturing data for a SOLIDWORKS® model, entered by a retail customer at the HTML front end. Based on the fully continuos model data flow the user configured furnishing models can be subsequently processed - unattended by a design or CNC specialist - directly on a woodworking CNC machine.

The PASCAM con@3D SmartClient gives your company the opportunity to let the customer plan his facilities on his own. You will only provide the models and define the possibilities of the client by a specific set of rules. Enable the customer to design and plan his interior fixtures by putting furniture and accessories via the Internet according to his desires. Of course true to size and in 3D. Needless to say, that the modified client model can then be re-used in SOLIDWORKS®, integrating it into the whole process chain for design and manufacturing.

To have the best performance on computers with standard graphics cards of retail customers we use DirectX as the basis for the display technology. The 3D data are derived directly from the SOLIDWORKS® model and allow a dimensional modification of the model. Genuine SOLIDWORKS® model design data isn't transmitted outside of the company. All data and modifications from the customer can, however, be re-transmitted into SOLIDWORKS®, so that all changes to the public product model are available as a user-defined product configuration for further processing in your company. All changes and modifications to the model are subject to a set of applicable user defined rules.

All modifications and editing activities of PASCAM con@3D SmartClient users are subject to a regulatory framework that has been previously created and as been made public as a master configuration file by an authorized SOLIDWORKS® user of your company. The master configuration file is based on native SOLIDWORKS® models and contains the default values ​​and rules of conduct for modifiable variables and values. Additonally the master configuration files contain the appearance of the display data.

The HTML front-end webservice, provided by PASCAM con@3D as an B2B/B2C software solution can be configured optionally either as an online product configuration or an online interior design/-planning tool in 2D/ 3D views.

This solution is offering new and undreamt-of possibilities for users in the woodworking sector, sharing manufacturing-oriented SOLIDWORKS® 3D model data with end customers, retailers and suppliers over the Internet, to process orders with fully continuos model data flow right up to the CNC machines.

The automation and acceleration in the offering phase, as well as the customized and outsourced design process and the fast order handling up to the unattended CNC manufacturing is the main focus of the interactive PASCAM B2C product configurator PASCAM con@3D.