CAM Partner

For an efficient embedding of the PASCAM software in your CNC manufacturing line we are working with well established and successful CAM partners. We can choose from different powerful solutions to fulfil your specific manufacturing tasks at the best cost-benefit ratio. All the software solutions of our CAM partners are highly integrated into the PASCAM software solutions and will generate machine specific NC code to your machines via specific postprocessors on a mouse-click.

Our CAM partner ModuleWorks GmbH offers a wide range of 3-axis machining strategies based on its 3-axis CAM component. Toolpath planning for machining mesh-based models can be generated by the 3-axis CAM component. Strategies such as roughing, rest-roughing, and a range of powerful finishing strategies help facilitate everyday tasks.

PASCAM is Certified Partner of the Homag Group. The HOMAG AG offers with its 'mpr'-interface a very efficient, proven and established interface. Due to our longstanding experience in developing the 'mpr'-format we can offer the highest integration possible to support this interface directly from within our CAM system. Therefore all CNC controllers in the HOMAG group can be supported, beginning with a simple CNC-routing machine up to the most complex CNC processing centre.

The company GTR GmbH is specialized in high-quality CNC-postprocessing for the efficient control of all common CNC machines of different manufacturers. Customers can get the highest degree of automation using the GTR technology database.

direkt cnc-systeme

Many years of experience in the development of WOP-systems and a highly efficient engineering gives our CAM partner direkt cnc-systeme gmbh the authority to offer optimal solutions in CNC technology for leading machine manufacturers, especially for Biesse CNC machines.

The CAM system AlphaCAM is a brand of Vero Software, which is part of Hexagon AB. It is a well established CAM system to control CNC machines with up to five simultaneous axes and offers an excellent connection to the basic CAD system SOLIDWORKS®. PASCAM Bea is able to provide an even stronger associative connection, using AlphaCAM as a postprocessor to SOLIDWORKS®.