Project partners

Our competent project partners are integrated flexibly and project-related into the supply chain, offering PASCAM a rapid reaction capability to short term demand peaks. This way PASCAM is able to meet the needs of customers and the market very flexible and is able to provide it's services and solutions in the qualitative best and cost-effective way with a lean basic organization, reducing costs caused by an administrative overhead. The savings gained by this lean organisational structure will be passed on completely to our customers.

PASCAM Project partner North America Scope of services

Millworks, Barry Feltham
Millworks is providing CAD and CAM integration for the woodworking industry.
Barry Feltham is a fully certified PASCAM sales partner and certified provider for comprehensive training and support of PASCAM software solutions in North America.
PASCAM Project partners G, A, CH Scope of services
3D-Design Engineering Solutions
3D-Design Engineering Solutions
CAD/CAM - Design - Production - Engineering Solutions
hf-consult Helge Feddersen
CAD Service & Engineering Bureau for factory management, assembly instruction, 3D CAD construction