Sales partner

Today, PASCAM's woodworking CAD/CAM solutions are marketed by experienced SOLIDWORKS® resellers throughout the world. This business model provides for a strong network of strategic partners, not only to deliver our software solutions quickly and cost effectively, but to support our customers locally on quick notice.

In the list below you see a selection of SOLIDWORKS® resellers working with PASCAM as sales partners for a longer time, delivering world-class offerings. If the list doesn't show a reseller near you, get in contact with us or ask your local SOLIDWORKS® dealer for more information.

PASCAM Sales partner in North America:

Millworks is providing CAD and CAM integration for the woodworking industry.
Barry Feltham is a fully certified PASCAM sales partner and certified provider for comprehensive training and support of PASCAM software solutions in North America.
Millworks can provide PASCAM software solutions with SOLIDWORKS® OEM licences as well as fully fledged SOLIDWORKS® solutions in close contact with select local US and Canadian SOLIDWORKS® resellers.

PASCAM Sales partner in Sweden:

SolidEngineer is a SOLIDWORKS® reseller since 1996. The company employs staff in seven offices all across Sweden.

PASCAM Sales partner in Poland / Ukraine:

CNS Solutions

Founded 1997, CNS Solutions serves customers in Poland and the Ukraine. CNS Solutions received the first polish certificate as SOLIDWORKS® Training Support Center in 2002 and is involved in the translation of SOLIDWORKS® (the software itself, as well as the manual) into polish.

German speaking SOLIDWORKS® resellers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

Coffee GmbH is a fully certified SOLIDWORKS® reseller since 1996. Coffee is training and supporting its customers from four locations in Germany, based mainly in the north and west of the country. With the 2010 merger with work@solution GmbH their Munich based office in southern Germany was added to their nationwide business presence in Germany.
Coffee GmbH serves more than 500 companies and educational institutions, with more than 1,500 SOLIDWORKS® licenses.

Solidpro GmbH is a certified SOLIDWORKS, SolidCAM and HP partner. Since 1997, Solidpro GmbH has been supporting the complete value chain of customers - from development to production to manufacturing. The Solidpro portfolio offers the best conditions for efficient and quality assurance processes. From the industry-specific software solutions SOLIDWORKS and SolidCAM to special workstation hardware for users, to professional 3D printing and tailor-made services, Solidpro is committed to delivering customer value.a Dassault-SOLIDWORKS partner, providing solution partner services for over ten years to improve customers in their product design, simulation, documentation and data management.

The Solid Solutions AG in Switzerland is one of the leading SOLIDWORKS system houses with three offices in Switzerland, employing 33 people and is a fully owned subsidiary of SolidLine AG, Germany.

MB CAD is working primarily in the area of Southern German and is employing state qualified wood technicians in the support. MBCAD is also sales partner of SOLIDWORKS® from its beginning.