Educational partners

Apart from co-operating with our business partners worldwide, PASCAM is maintaining an active exchange with prominent educational institutes for wood technology in Germany for some time. Engaged representatives of these institutes acknowledge the potential of modern 3D-CAD feature modelling CAD systems in their area of studies and provide their graduates with the most advanced integrated woodworking CAD/CAM system by investing into PASCAM classroom work seats. The rising number of PASCAM installations with SOLIDWORKS® classroom licences and PASCAM trained graduates is a viable proof of this trend.

Another element of PASCAM's educational co-operation are the lecture courses of PASCAM's chief developer at the University of Applied Sciences at Rosenheim, Germany ...


... and at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mosbach, Germany:

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The main goal of the lectures is to learn about the application and technological basis of modern CAD/CAM systems in the woodworking sector. PASCAM's software solutions are also implemented at the vocational colleges in Ahaus, Duisburg and Plauen in Germany.
All our educational partners are experiencing the profound expertise of PASCAM, incorporated into our software solutions supported by PASCAM's expert assessment in traditional woodworking, software development, 3D-CAD modelling and CNC machine control. Students and graduates of both educational facilities experience for the first time the efficient use of a 3D-CAD feature modelling system in woodworking, just like their fellow students from the metal engineering department, who are already familiar with the unrivalled performance and ease of use of SOLIDWORKS® for a longer time. Thus they get used to the CAD/CAM workplace of future engineers and wood technicians, where innovative technological developments in CAD modelling and CNC manufacturing support the user efficiently and user friendly.

If you are a representative of a university, college or an vocational education institute and want to profit from PASCAM's expertise as well, join us as an education partner. Just get in contact with us!

Your advantages as an educational partner:

  • 3D-CAD/CAM training at the highest level

  • sustainable, professional CAD/CAM qualification of graduates

  • discount on SOLIDWORKS®-licence fees (classroom licences)

  • first-class technical support

As a "SOLIDWORKS Preferred Educational Reseller" 3D EduWorks is able to provide SOLIDWORKS® software products and specific services to enrolled students, teachers and faculty members at special discounted prices.

The 3D EduWorks team has years of experience with SOLIDWORKS® in vocational training and teaching: sales, application support, installation support, training and education of teachers is provided from a single source.

Their special offer includes the SOLIDWORKS® Education Edition (Student Edition), available depending on the configuration with a comprehensive package of educational materials, self-learning package materials, different home-use licenses for students and teachers. In addition, 3D EduWorks offers a didactically coherent, interactive e-learning program at special discounted prices for schools.