Often we got requests from "regular" SOLIDWORKS® users how they could generate dimensional variants of their product models as easy as our woodworking customers. They wanted to do it in a more smart and elegant way instead of creating the usual SOLIDWORKS® configurations. That's why we've developed VariXPASCAM.

The effortless variable management tool, which is incorporated in PASCAM WoodWorks is also available as an independent stand-alone solution. VariXPASCAM is universally applicable for traditional SOLIDWORKS® user groups and is used in companies from the metal working sector and plant construction industry in their daily tasks of (re-)designing and (re-)modeling existing product models (see our metal working references).

As a completely integrated tool in SOLIDWORKS®, VariXPASCAM is custom-made for the efficient editing and management of component dimensions in model assemblies of all kinds. Whenever final part dimensions are a result at the end of the design process in the general assembly, VariXPASCAM is your solution to edit and manage all affected dimensions very efficiently in SOLIDWORKS®!

Dimensional product variants simply can be generated by modifying the variable value, without creating a SOLIDWORKS®-configuration!

Please have also a look at one of our customers DasFröhlichBand GmbH, which is using a combination of VariXPASCAM and a product configurator!