Total integration

VariXPASCAM is seamlessly integrated into SOLIDWORKS®.

You can activate the PASCAM Variable management either by

  1. clicking on an icon in the PASCAM tool bar or 

  2. at the integrated PASCAM menu .


The VariXPASCAM window will hide, when the operations are finished; but it can also be set to stay permanently activated in the foreground.

Optionally you can use the PASCAM Variable management table permanently activated on a secondary computer monitor, while at the same time the modifications on the SOLIDWORKS® model are visible due to the free view on the primary monitor:
Many users, especially users working with extensive assemblies, keep the PASCAM Variable management table permanently open on a secondary computer monitor to control their models safe and easily with this smart (re-)engineering solution. So the equations of the model assembly simply can be edited, modified and (re-)arranged by Drag & Drop operations across several sub-assemblies and components.