Dimensional variants

Derive any number of dimensional variants directly from your product models without the need to create the usual SOLIDWORKS® configurations.

VariXPASCAM enables you to assign the final dimensions of individual parts and components as late as they are inserted in the assembled state. This enables the user to design a default part once and then derive quickly and safely dimensional variants of this part for subsequent application and further use in other assemblies. Of course therefore your effort for product model configuration is highly reduced whereas at the same time the flexibility for different applications of your fully parameterized default parts is increased remarkably.

Based on the fully customer-defined termlist the user can e.g. apply certain standard modular or grid dimensions on the outside length dimension of a cabinet model very quickly from a listbox, which in turn will affect all associated, relevant sub-assemblies and components of the overall assembly.

This is offering the user a maximum of dimensional variability to design product models of single items or small series very economically up to the very last moment in the assembling process. With the help of VariXPASCAM the user can design a 3D model very fast and flexible, virtually from the outside in; i.e. only by the simple modification of the outside dimensions of an assembly. All relevant component dimensions and their processing features, like glazing rebates, drill rows etc. are parametrically modified in regard to these dimensional changes. This way customized product models can be designed and manufactured very economically in shortest time.

For example:
The very same part (Varix-Grundteil.sldprt; depicted above) is used at two different assemblies (Varix BG 1.sldasm and Varix BG 2.sldasm).
Now you are able to modify individual dimensions of the part, directly at the Variable Manager table, without having to elaborate on extensive SOLIDWORKS® configurations. See the modifications at the dimensions in the 'Term' columns at the pictures above and below (The feature names "Länge" and "Breite" - meaning "length" and "width").