Business partners

PASCAM feels obligated to offer - in co-operation with all of its business partners - its customers the technologically most advanced software solutions and services, based on our “run the best”-philosphy. The partnership-driven commitment ensures that PASCAM can offer solution-oriented applications and a flexible service in installation, training and application maintenance that provides our customers with better capabilities in reference to design, modeling and manufacturing of their products in SOLIDWORKS®.

Following the success story of the standard 3D-CAD-system SOLIDWORKS®, where the cooperation with competent external Solution Partners in areas outside the actual core business is the rule, PASCAM concentrates completely on its core expertise regarding software development and CAD/CAM programming in woodworking. Solutions and services outside of this core area are covered flexibly with competent co-operation partners, who are committed to our “run the best”-philosophy.

For questions regarding SOLIDWORKS® licensing, training and support, qualified local SOLIDWORKS® Sales partners are providing value added products and services around the globe. Our experienced CAM partners optimize the post-processing for the CNC control.

We use experienced Project partners to help deliver a customer-centric, solution-driven service, not only to solve current problems in construction and manufacturing, but to help our customers to exploit sustainable competitive advantages in their conventional product range and to create business opportunities by capitalizing on innovative products, which where unmarketable in the past with the outdated CAD/CAM facilities.

Apart from co-operating with the SOLIDWORKS® Value added resellers and our competent CAM and project partners worldwide, PASCAM is maintaining an active exchange with prominent educational institutions for wood technology in Germany for some time. PASCAM reckons this Educational partnership primarily as a social obligation for a successful investment into the vocational future of the students on basis of the technologically most advanced software solutions in woodworking.