PASCAM Bea V5 is fully integrated into the SOLIDWORKS CAD system. Both the user interface and the data connection come "from the same mold". All data is stored centrally.
PASCAM Bea not only enables interactive data input, but also provides a wealth of automated data processing options that make CNC programming easier and more efficient in day-to-day operations.
PASCAM Bea is not content to just generate and put out CNC programs, it also ensures that they are fully correct and comprehensible. This high quality program generation is only possible because PASCAM Bea is closely integrated at the SOLIDWORKS modeling process, resulting in an extremely high efficiency overall CNC programming process.
CNC machines in woodworking are nowadays equipped for very universal applications. PASCAM Bea offers a comprehensive solution to control all available machining operations directly based on the 3D model, which they are also linked associatively with. Thus, making the engineering change management service at the manufacturing-ready product model very safe and efficient up to the production line.
Powerful Lead-In and Lead-Out methods are available to users for all conceivable machining situations. Specific to all available types of machining operations.
The innovative, open and customizable Bea expansion card technology provides unprecedented, powerful CNC postprocessing for your CNC machines.
There are many user-friendly optimization options available, including the specification of individual CNC execution times, overall CNC program overview and much more, over which users have full control at any time.
PASCAM Bea is characterized by its enormous capability to be customized to the specific needs and requirements of its users for efficient CNC program generation for individual manufacturing.