Postprocessing GTR

GTR Aalen

GTR mbH offers individually configurable CAM systems for the woodworking industry. A high degree of automation is provided, using GTR's own tool and technology database which can be specified quick and easily to reflect your specific products and your way of CNC machining.

The latest result of our long time cooperation with GTR is the smart and economical nested based machining solution 'GTR Nest Management powered by PASCAM Bea', developed by our CAM partner GTR. It is especially useful for small lot production provided by a quick modeling and re-modeling process for dimensional customization as well as the efficient PASCAM CNC coupling by PASCAM Bea. To generate the CAM machining program the SOLIDWORKS® model is dissolved into its individual components and transferred to the GTR nesting module. The GTR Nest Management module then generates the machine-specific CNC programs from the originally machine-neutral CNC information delivered by PASCAM Bea to control any CNC-machining centers. It also arranges the nesting of the individual assembly components in a time-optimized and/or material-optimized manner for the machining on the raw particle board sheets.

'GTR Nest Management powered by PASCAM Bea', provides true-shape nesting and supports bridges, "onion skin" cutting, parts in parts and remnant nesting with small part threshold nested in the center of the sheet. The user can also add bridges manually, to prevent loss of small parts when routing. This is also helpful to prevent the workpiece of slipping out of position, e.g. when suction cups loose grip due to loss of surface material during the nesting process on the CNC machine.

PASCAM Bea is offering an integrated connection to this nesting tool in order to give its users the highest degree of automation.

Additional information on GTR's Postprocessing or Nesting can be found here.