Integration into PASCAM WoodWorks

PASCAM Modifikation Lochreihe

PASCAM Bea is seamlessly embedded into our SOLIDWORKS® Solution-Partner product PASCAM WoodWorks. Not only the PASCAM Bea feature tree, the program menus and icons, but also the handling of the machining strategies itself is highly integrated to enable useful and efficient automatic machining modifications in relation to geometry modifications of the SOLIDWORKS® model.

If you insert e.g. a PASCAM Modification/Processing in your model with PASCAM WoodWorks, the machining strategy is added to the SOLIDWORKS® model file and updated at the same time. You can save your specific and individual machining strategy and additional manufacturing information at every PASCAM Modification/Processing. Thus PASCAM Bea is following the philosophy of PASCAM WoodWorks: Create and save necessary data once and (re-)use it in various ways. In the course of time the user productivity is rising constantly as a result of the efficient application of such pre-defined and practically proven modification/processings, material equations and user-defined machining strategy templates from PASCAM WoodWorks, resulting in increased overall efficiency of the design and manufacturing system.

This gain in efficiency is provided by the full use of the advanced semantic feature technology in PASCAM WoodWorks.

Lochreihe im Modell