Technical product information

PASCAM Bea is a woodworking CAM system that is fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS® and is linked with our powerful woodworking CAD engineering system PASCAM WoodWorks to provide powerful Manufacture by Design capabilities for woodworkers. With PASCAM Bea you can add CNC features to your SOLIDWORKS® model - similar to the usual geometrical SOLIDWORKS features.

You can handle the following tasks very efficiently:

  • Generation of typical woodworking machining strategies as manufacturing features like drilling, routing, sawing

  • Optional automatic determination of manufacturing parameters

  • Modification of manufacturing parameters on every SOLIDWORKS® geometry contour element

  • Quick generation of CNC-programs on a fingertip with full tool path simulation

  • Optional manufacturing feature suppression per type, one by one or controlled by equations

  • Determination of contour geometry based on geometry features directly in the SOLIDWORKS® model

  • All SOLIDWORKS® geometry modifications will affect directly and fully associatively the relevant CAM features (drilling templates, etc.)

  • The PASCAM WoodWorks engine is enabling the quick and safe drag&drop application of user-defined machining strategies and CAM features by means of PASCAM Modification/Processing templates

  • Easy input of all relevant data by completely integrated dialogs in the familiar SOLIDWORKS® user interface

  • Optional control of all CAM manufacturing parameters via powerful PASCAM WoodWorks material equations

  • Application of approved CAM postprocessing engines like the Homag MPR-interface, the CAM systems of GTR or AlphaCAM, developed by Licom Systems

PASCAM Bea supports the CAM programming for all common 3 - 5 axis woodworking CNC-machines in the efficient generation of CNC-relevant machining strategies and manufacturing data.