NC program generation

When all CNC manufacturing features are entered in the SOLIDWORKS® model at the end of the design process, the corresponding CNC program can be generated on a fingertip.
At the moment there are 3 powerful postprocessors available to generate the machine specific NC code:

  • a MPR interface for all machines of the Homag group (Homag and Weeke)
  • a DCV interface of the company GTR for the control of all common woodworking CNC machines, based on a technology database.
  • a AlphaCAM interface for the control of other CNC machines, especially with 5-axis

Any changes in the model geometry are automatically transferred to the CNC program at the push of a button.

To get a higher flexibility at the NC program generation, complete machining strategy features - i.e. the drilling features - can be temporarily excluded and suppressed from the generation. It also can be determined, which geometry features - in addition to the necessary ones for the machining - should be transmitted to the postprocessor.