Integration into SOLIDWORKS

SolidWorks Solution Partner

PASCAM Bea is seamlessly integrated into SOLIDWORKS® and our SOLIDWORKS® Solution-Partner product PASCAM WoodWorks. The intuitive, PC-based and tool path oriented CNC-programming gives PASCAM Bea users the benefit of total associativity, very easy handling and high productivity within a perfect interplay between the 3D CAD model and CAM machining.

Seamless integration means that PASCAM Bea works with the current model geometry of SOLIDWORKS® in the genuine SOLIDWORKS® file. Due to that fact, no double data storage and no file conversion is necessary. Modification of the SOLIDWORKS® model geometry automatically updates the machining strategies applied by PASCAM Bea, resulting in full associativity of the feature-based CAM data with the geometry features.

The CAD/CAM system PASCAM Bea is as highly integrated into SOLIDWORKS® as it is in our woodworking CAD system PASCAM Woodworks. That's why there is no stand-alone version available and it is only distributed in combination with a PASCAM Woodworks installation.