Postprocessing WoodWOP

PASCAM is a Certified Partner of the Homag Group. The HOMAG AG offers with its well documented and stable 'mpr'-interface a very efficient, proven and established CNC programming interface. Due to our longstanding experience in developing the 'mpr'-format we can offer the highest integration possible to support this interface and export 'mpr'-files directly from within our CAM system PASCAM Bea.

The export of machine-neutral CAM information from PASCAM Bea to machine-specific NC code via 'mpr'-files for the WoodWOP system of HOMAG was actually the first NC export interface available in PASCAM Bea.

So PASCAM Bea could support any CNC-machine from the Homag Group, from simple CNC routers to CNC machining centers with edgebanding capabilities, to nested based routers or through-feed machines, right from the beginning and provide woodworking companies with Homag machines with the full control over all their machining strategies and manufacturing data using the WoodWOP 'mpr'-interface from within our CAM system PASCAM Bea.

The WoodWOP postprocessing interface is under constant development. At the moment all tools and programmable components of all CNC-machines from the Homag Group can be controlled, even the most sophisticated machining strategies and fine adjustments for edgebanding can be carried out effortlessly.