con@3D PASCAM con@3D WB

PASCAM con@3D WB provides the fully automated assembling of furniture cabinets based on standardized parts and components. Without additional intervention of an operator, the cabinet is put together in the 3D system with all its relevant data - parametrics included!
Easy product specification PASCAM is relying on the standardized XML language construct in order to achieve this purpose. Users will just need to describe their products in terms of parametrics, structure, material, functionalities, manufacturing requirements, etc.; - from there PASCAM will do the rest - Automatically!
Application in different outsets and for different purposes, encompassing all types of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD models. Users can create e.g. new models dynamically from existing components or generate a product with specific characterisitics derived from a predefined maximum model. It's up to the user how to apply PASCAM con@3D WB!
A model is a representation of reality, which is replicated with a certain accuracy. The accuracy here is to be understood as the level of details. For this purpose, PASCAM has all along offered a broad basis of scalability, i.e. the users decide how their models should resemble reality and which level of details are necessary for design and manufacturing purposes.
Although PASCAM con@3D WB is primarily an automation tool, it offers plenty of options for manual intervention - without jeopardizing the stability of the actual production process! After all, our user companies do not only manufacture simple standardized furniture in high volumes, but must also be able to respond quickly and efficiently to specific customer requests.
Comprehensive automation is a great thing - if it really works! PASCAM con@3D WB helps users to make sure that this is not just the rule, but it will be practised at all time in the user company. High safety standards for model release ensure high production reliability and safety!
PASCAM does carry out intelligent analyses at the model level, which enables the targeted execution of specific machining operations in the required manner on each production part. Both in terms of the constructional design and production-readiness. The underlying rules are derived from simple logics and can be safely tested in advance.
FastGate additionally increases the system performance by its identical-part identification. It autonomously detects identical models, compares them with the last revision status of the system knowledge and independently decides whether a recalculation must take place. This additionally increases process reliability and safety - without any user intervention!
"Designed for Manufacturing" is our philosophy and the basis of the con@3D WB software package. Moreover the DFM tool con@3D WB does also offer comprehensive automation of the design process of your models.