There are often recurring modifications to the existing model geometry at the design process of a in woodworking model, like changing the outside dimensions of an assembly or applying dowel drillings instead of dados etc.
PASCAM WoodWorks takes this into account with its PASCAM Modifications functionality.

PASCAM Modification/Processings is a very powerful tool, which enables the user of PASCAM WoodWorks to create and store his own, user-defined and practically proven model processing data for easy and reliable re-use and automated application at the PASCAM Modification database.

PASCAM Modifications / Processings can be created effortlessly by the user during the regular design process, based on the simple generation-by-doing systematic. The newly created modifications / processings are saved in a pre-structured, user-defined database and can be re-used via dragging and dropping from the PASCAM Modification library subsequently into any product model at any time. An automatic, informative naming for the inserted features and dimensions by the applied PASCAM Modifications / Processings at the existing product model is additionally supporting the user at this automated design process to comprehensively document the design effort.

The user is gaining enormously in efficiency at the design process with PASCAM Modification/Processings and improves the quality and safety of his product models, by drawing anytime on the practically proven and in-house validated model processing data from the user-defined PASCAM Modification database.

Thus PASCAM Modifications can be a generally applied method of the internal knowledge management and quality assurance system of the design department in your company.

With PASCAM Bea the user is also gaining efficiency and improves the quality and safety at the integrated CAM programming process with PASCAM Modifications / Processings:
When applied to a new part or model the specified CNC machining features are automatically transferred and applied to the new model geometry based on the PASCAM Modifications / Processings information of the underlying reference model.

Of course, the user always has the possibility to intervene manually - all the automatically inserted design steps by the PASCAM Modifications / Processings are well documented and can be changed later on. The manual modification is supported by the well-known, transparent presentation of the SOLIDWORKS® feature tree, which provides intuitive access to all available model features.

With PASCAM Modifications / Processings you are able to:

  • define automated model processing data and modifications very easily all by yourself,
  • apply quick and safely model processing data from the PASCAM Modification data base to any of your woodworking model assemblies or components by dragging and dropping them from the user-defined PASCAM modification database (with or without a valid PASCAM Part description)
  • edit and manage your own modifications in the user-defined PASCAM modification database library all by yourself in a totally open and transparent way.