Material modelling

The PASCAM Material modeling enables the automated solid modelling of woodworking edges, based on add pre-defined edge layers and typical surface materials. The solid edges are added as structural components to the existing model assembly components.
Thus the PASCAM Material modeling is an ideal tool to achieve significant time savings at every new design task, when woodworking edges and corresponding surface materials are needed for a manufacturing-oriented woodworking model.


With the PASCAM Material modeling you can generate solids of edges and surfaces, which can not only be used for fast 3D-modelling but also to derive the corresponding woodworking lists, based on the comprehensive surface and edge information.
There are already a vast number of profiles and their corresponding corner joint variants available in the PASCAM Edge library. The library can be easily extended by adding user defined profiles. Subsequent editing and easy replacing of generated edge profiles is available.

Your benefits:

  • Extended range of functions: Automatic generation of edge layers and coating material for surfaces by edge features and surface features.

  • Automatic integration of dimensional relations by equations and material definitions.

  • Application of CNC machining strategies such as routing and edge banding.

  • Output of the correct edge sequence in the exported edge list.