Highly flexible woodworking joints


The efficient mating of manufacturing-oriented assembly parts is a central component of PASCAM WoodWorks. The secret of our success is the fact we can extract new, additional information when two or more parts are connected, which in many cases than can be re-used and implemented efficiently in various other operations:

  • Joining parts geometrically in an assembly

  • Modifying dimensions based on further dependences

  • Inserting additional machining processes like cup hinge or dowel drillings

  • Inserting parts like hinges, dowels etc.

 The flexibility in PASCAM WoodWorks consists in the fact that you as a user teach the system casually new mates which are then immediately available for re-use.

You can define the joint mating with various information, like the actual physical connection, i.e. as a dowel joint, dovetail joint, joining the parts with screws, nails, etc.

Also mates between several parts and components are possible, e.g. by inserting a back board of a cabinet or at a cross bar.