Profile generator


Efficient profile generation

Profiles can be found everywhere in woodworking. Be it mouldings, cornices, case plinths, profiles for glazing, slats or simple outline profiles.

That's why PASCAM WoodWorks is equipped with a powerful profile generator to provide users with an easy to use tool to create individual woodworking profiles safe and quickly. You just have to design a 2D-sketch of your profile with the standard SOLIDWORKS® drawing method, then specify the extrusion path and PASCAM WoodWorks takes care of the rest. Fully automatic. Of course fully associative, as usual with PASCAM.

But beyond that PASCAM WoodWorks proves further flexibility: The generated profiles are based completely on regular SOLIDWORKS®-features so that user can modify them very easily later on.

PASCAM WoodWorks consequently supports you even at your most difficult design tasks and doesn't restrict you at any time. This is a basic principle of PASCAM WoodWorks.

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