Quick joints

Mating of components is a key element of PASCAM WoodWorks. In many cases new information is generated just by joining two or more parts with each other. This information can be translated into manifold, automated operations.
By applying and inserting "PASCAM Quick joints" not only the physical mating of the components in the assembly is modeled, but also all corresponding CNC machinig templates and patterns for the drilling, routing, cutting and sawing.
A user-defined joint-database serves as the technical basis for the PASCAM Quick joints. This woodworking joint library is fully open for user-generated content regarding all typical, woodworking fasteners and joining elements. This database can be efficiently used to automatically assemble any woodworking models with common woodworking joints, like i.e. dowels, minifix or tongue and groove.

Schnelle Verbinder 

The highly flexible PASCAM Quick joints are universally applicable in all woodworking areas, i.e. at cabinet makers or manufacturers, whose products are based on face frame or frame construction (doors, windows).

PASCAM Quick joints are offering:

  • Application of all geometric mating options of SOLIDWORKS® available

  • Modeling and application of all typical woodworking fasteners, joining elements and techniques

  • The content of the PASCAM Quick joint library is fully user-generated, based on your typical joining elements and techniques

  • Freely configurable with any kind of automatic PASCAM Modifications for drilling, routing, cutting and sawing machining templates

  • Easy compilation and storage of standardized, knowledge-based design and joining processes of the user company in the PASCAM Quick joint database

  • Central user administration/authorisation for the PASCAM Quick joint database

  • Company-wide server access to the PASCAM Quick joint database for all members of the design team

The PASCAM Quick joints are universally applicable, because the user-defined joint types can cover all kinds of typical, woodworking fasteners and joining elements of the user company.

Benefits when using PASCAM Quick joints at the design process:

  • User-generated, data-based woodworking joint library for efficient modelling in all woodworking areas

  • Automatic assembling of wooden components with woodworking fasteners and joining elements

  • Practically relevant reproduction of individual, every-day modelling jobs in the user company - due to user-generated, company-specific content


At this short video sequence you can see how quick and easy it is to apply the typical woodworking woodworking fasteners and joining elements to your product model: