Semantic part administration


Libraries are a prominent special functionality of many CAD systems. And libraries are important for users, who can't afford to spent too much time on recurring similar design tasks. But in order to fulfil their purpose libraries have to contain the parts a user really needs for his daily professional practice and they have to support the specific way and best practices of the user's companies design, modeling and manufacturing methods.

Therefore it is important for PASCAM to provide its users with efficient tools for the creation of individual, comprehensive user-generated company libraries. PASCAM WoodWorks enables you to do this based on the open structure of various PASCAM databases and libraries.

Models which are defined according your terms, using the PASCAM Part description, can simply be saved via a mouse click in your company's library. You can also easily add 3rd party components, like fittings from a supplier to your company's library with all the relevant dimensions, geometry and machining features.

The PASCAM library elements are easily applied directly at the SOLIDWORKS® model by the PASCAM Part description tree.

Your benefits in detail:

  • Comprehensive, pre-installed PASCAM databases and design libraries that allow you to instantly create manufacturing-ready models.

  • Low administrative effort for creating and editing your own company-specific library elements in the PASCAM databases and libraries.

  • High efficiency and productivity when applying library elements at the design and engineering process of your product models - without any restrictions on your design freedom.

  • Unlimited flexibility of applied library elements, used as design templates; all PASCAM Woodworks and SOLIDWORKS® functions and features are available for comprehensive, subsequent modifications of the model assemblies.

The result are manufacturing-ready models, unrestricted in design freedom, fully flexible for comprehensive modifications with maximized automation. This is PASCAM WoodWorks!