Quick Material

The "Quick Material" feature from PASCAM WoodWorks serves to easily assign the carrier material of your cabinet parts, as well as the necessary surface and edging materials.

This feature allows you to assign all kind of typical wood materials directly to the panel components in your SOLIDWORKS® model, be it the carrier material, the different surface coating/veneer materials and the edge(banding) material used in your production. "Quick Material" gives you an immediate overview as to whether all necessary model surfaces have been provided with the desired material.

As with the "Assign material" function, provided by PASCAM WoodWorks, this comprehensive material designation serves not only for the superficial, photorealistic representation of the product model, but on top of that as a basis for the export of extensive material lists for the subsequent design manufacturing processes and other applications.

Assigning and replacing materials directly at the SOLIDWORKS® model with a few mouse clicks, using the "Quick Material" feature is a tremendous time saver for the designer, in both designing from scratch, as well as remodelling existing manufacturing-ready product models.

At this short video sequence you can see how quick and easy it is to apply the typical woodworking material to surfaces, edges and the carrier material of your product model: